Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote,

Fandom issues

Fandom has a lot of issues.

Take, for instance, ars_belli who fetishizes Nazis, a hobby which literally gets people killed at worst and is inhumanly amoral and unempathic at best. If she'd fuck off until three ghosts taught her how to be a decent human being, that'd be great.* I have seen people say 'oh, she's okay except for the nazi thing' which no, it's not a personality quirk. We as a group need to have some goddamn backbone.

Meanwhile, on the 'why?' scale, fandom's got people sending you death threats for shipping John/Sherlock because 'that's pedophilic' because John is shorter.

There is something seriously wrong with fandom's priorities and it and the world increasingly frustrates me.

*I am aware someone anonly said this to her. I am not anon.

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