Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote,

Non-writing update

Dear John, you might say, what have you been spending your time doing?

Well, I would reply 'I just started season 8 of Murder, She Wrote' and there'd be a long silence and then you would make a crack about Jessica Fletcher being a murderer but I would smile, because I know she is not the killer. No, she is the angel of death that heralds the ending of lives but also brings justice in her wake.

I'm also getting into eating Improving Cereal and drinking milk again. I'm not feeling so great about that part but my dietary habits had become distinctly raccoon-like.

Since I have nothing to do until March when I go on a cruise ('where did John go?' 'Oh a shark just leapt like, fifty feet in the air and ate him. Darndest thing' 'Didn't he write those stories about Puss in Boots?' 'I guess?') I've decided to try reading at least two books a week and posting reviews of them to my dusty old book review blog.

There will be a link if I do this instead of immediately break it like my New Year vows.

Oh! Year in review:

In 2015 I made a lot of new friends! And got to experience several types of German chocolate. I also learned I need the structure of a classroom for schooling.

And I moved! To a new house. My kitchen door has holes in it (I have my own apartment in said house) and I'm going to die of frostbite by spring.

Avenge me.

Okay, year in review over.

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