Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote,

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu!

I regularly run a Call of Cthulhu/Gumshoe game every Sunday at 3pm central. Right now we're winding down from our first campaign and it's time to choose a new one and also pick up any new players if they're interested!


We run on Skype with all logs available, and we do not use figures or a map, just narrative. However you are encouraged to choose pictures/faces for your characters and backgrounds to share.


I create 3 very small templates to play (much like choosing rogue, warrior, or wizard) and the player chooses which they want to attach their character concept to.

The dice is used during pass or fail moments in game (did you convince the sheriff? Were you within range? What do you find?) and we use the wizard online dice.

If you character dies, their identical cousin with a similar name appears at the players' base with a breathless story about how the deceased told them to come. One player is on her 3rd Jo.


The adventure choices:

The Kidnapping: An infant has been kidnapped from the Corneliszes, a wealthy New York family, and the investigators are called in to help track down the child.

The Wreck: A tramp steamer is found drifting outside New York harbour, a dead man at her helm. The rest of the crew is missing, presumed lost overboard. The investigators are called in to discover what happened on board.

Silent Night: Set in Arkham in December of 2001, this tale involves four investigators gathered to celebrate the season, the mythos far away for the moment.

Devourers in the Mist: A rugged adventure tale in which the survival of island castaways is tested not only by the elements — but by the twisted shapes of half-seen, sadistic entities who haunt the atoll’s jungled interior!


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