Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote,

Trip pics!

Okay, so I went to DragonCon for my birthday and took zero pictures. What I did take pictures of was the Georgia Aquarium! Yeah!

Did you know they have whale sharks? MULTIPLE whale sharks? Did you know I love whale sharks and didn't know they had them? Did you know I was so excited watching them I nearly cried?

Now you do.

Anyway, here's my pics! See if you can identify the animals within because except for the whale sharks I already forgot their names.

PS: I touched an anemone and forgot to take a picture or even tell it my name.

(NOT LEAVES! FISH! They're all pointing nose down and verrrry flat)

I really identify with this fish.

*screams like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert*

These sea pancakes were mega humongo.

Glad to be home.

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