Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote,

Cool new toy

This journal I found at the bookstore called '642 things to write about' that has questions all over the pages for you to answer, like 'write a tweet summarizing Hamlet' and 'Tell a story about the time you broke a heart' and I've been using it as a character development thing for my superhero universe, Tales of St. Genevieve*.

It's a fun writing exercise to do in-between writing story bible or actual stories or avoiding working on my Fic Corner**.

I've also been playing a lot of which is having a positive effect on me proving I am susceptible to gamification anything.

Oh, and Khan Academy for math.

REAL LIFE FUN FACT: I never passed a math class in my life and didn't attend most of my elementary school classes due to school fuckery.

Therefore with Resources I am teaching myself math from the ground up and it's actually not as scary a subject as I thought it would be? I'm genuinely enjoying it.

* There are stories up for St. Gen, but I'd rather get the serials started posting before I do official linking.
** I am not really avoiding my fic assignment because I am having fun writing it I just keep doing things like seeing family like a FOOL.

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