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A short story I wrote as a challenge to myself.

Genre: Paranormal Mystery.
Summary: Humans are wonderful and so different. So are their monsters.

by Jean Cabot

This is Dene. Tall, black, failing to be mysterious. She loves to share about herself. She runs her own private detective agency, no case too paranormal. She has no employees, but she does have a sword and business cards calling her a professional dragonslayer. She hands her cards out to pretty much anyone she meets. You can find stacks of them on the counters of small businesses all over town.

She lives in Vancouver. One of the great things about a multicultural city like that is all the people with varied backgrounds that bring their vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and terrifying monsters to the community. There are over a hundred individual types of vampires, incidentally. The grossest, if you ask Dene, is the vampire that presents itself as a floating head that trails organs from the neck.

She has a lot of opinions about it.

There's one trying to bite her face right now.

"Shit, damn, hell, gosh, darn, HECK!" yelled Dene, racing underneath the head of what had been, during the day, nice Mrs. Sandha. Mrs. Sandha ran the daycare in Dene's clients neighbourhood. Dene hit the gooshy organs with a stick. The stick had been specially chosen. The stick had several branches and thick, nasty, thorns. Dene wore gloves to help with that last bit.

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Tags: original fiction

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