Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote,

School! Learning! Robots in disguise!

Got my first calendar reminder to sign up for spring term this morning! In six days, I will be signing away my soul to Introductory French I! And possibly Introductory French II. There's not a lot of options in spring term, especially if you want to do both of them.

I was actually educated in French immersion! You may not know that, as I speak and write it terribly! But I live in a bilingual country and by god, I'm going to improve on myself.

At the very least I should solve the mystery of the verb transitions. French verbs were always my Mount Everest. Or maybe just my Mount Fuji.

Also been reading More Than Meets The Eye, a Transformers comic about a bunch of Transformers on a ship having a quest. It's silly and sometimes gruesome and I'm afraid I'm getting sucked back into buying comics regularly. Send help.

Sample panel:


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