Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote,

In the incredibly mild adventures of John

Cute story time! I'm taking care of my stepbrother for two anna half weeks, so one of the things we did was go see the Lego movie 'cause we love lego. It was good! Batman's song was amazing.

But to make it more fun, I also took him to the bookstore so we could get blind bag minifigures of the movie characters! And while I was there, I started rooting through the Carebear blind bags to find one of the bears I wanted.

My stepbrother mentioned he loved Carebears and had watched the movies over and over when he was tiny, so I said he could have one too. And we sat down to open our Carebears outside the store (I got Bedtime Bear, one of my favourites) and you know which one he got?

Grumpy Bear.

"I'll buy you another one if you give that to me right now."


So back we went into the store and got another bag.

Grumpy Bear again, in a different pose. I let him keep that one.

(Also, in a freak event, all six of our minifigures were different. It was a Good Day)
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