Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote,

Yuletide reveals are up!

The first fic I wrote was Chi's Christmas Card for the fandom Chi's Sweet Home and the plot is basically 'small kitten has christmas, attacks ribbon, begs for food, attacks wrapping paper, races around like a lunatic' which is what cats in general do around Christmas. While writing this, I found out it was traditional for people in Tokyo to have KFC for Christmas. That worked out well for Chi!

The second was my actual assignment, The Haunted Sword which was a Howl's Moving Castle fic in which I failed at my goal to just write short funny fics this yuletide. It was fun to write though. There's a haunted sword, but Charmain Baker is more concerned with getting things ready for Peter's coming out as crown prince ceremony. The prompt was for the main women of the three books in the Howl series being cool together.

The last Yuletide fic I wrote was very different from what I'd ever written before, and it was The Sort of Naked and the Dead which is a A Touch of Cloth fic which is a show that is weird, filthy, and a parody of cop shows. The recipient asked for hate sex. I wrote silly hatesex.

During the course of Yuletide, my friend [personal profile] dreamiflame talked me into writing with her two other fics in a series, Two-Booted Tales which starts off with Puss Noir, which is the retelling of the story of Puss in Boots as a noir mystery.

We followed it up with The Drowsing Dame, in which Puss comes to the rescue of Sleeping Beauty. We're currently working on the 12 Dancing Princess (The Twelve Dancing Debutantes) and I've been drawing thumbnails to plot out a Thumbelina one*.

And if you enjoy Puss in Boots retellings, one of the glorious fics I got for yuletide was by my co-writer, [personal profile] dreamiflame, of those stories: By Design which is a steampunk AU. It's very excellent. Most excellent.

The other fics I received were:

two hares running side by side which is a Mulan Disney sexbend. Some commenters have said it better than me, like how great it is that the author took the traits of Mulan (strategy) and Shang (physical prowess) and mapped them onto them when Mulan is now a man and Shang is the woman in disguise. Loved the ending.

Consequences of (Temporary) Divinity which is a Discworld drabble about Pteppic, former god. It's a bunch of funny in a 100 words.

Masterminds Prefer Blondes which is a Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death fic, wherein what happens with the Doctor and Master after they run off at the end of the special. Is cute!

Sleeping Charming which is a Sleeping Beauty Disney sexbend. Excellent twist on how Princess Phillipa wakes Prince Aurin, and some beautiful descriptions. Loved this!

*It always bothered me how Thumbelina's mother never finds out what happened to her daughter. So that's the basis of this retelling.

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