Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote,

♫♪New fic♫♪

Title and AO3 link: Original Fiction
Authors: Phosfate, Rosencrantz
Fandoms: Hot Fuzz, World's End
Rating: G
Summary: Danny Butterman branches out into illustrated fiction. Spoilers for World's End. Drabble.

“What you think?”

Nicholas Angel leafed through the drawings, impressed. "Not sure 'The Village Where Shit Blew Up' is a suitable title for a children’s book."

Danny Butterman shrugged.

Nicholas tried again. “The killer robots are amazing, with the blues.”

“Don't call them robots, it’s racist. They’re very happy.”

“Why does the alcoholic jackass look like me?'

“No reason. People do stupid shit an' hurt people."

Nicholas skipped to the end. “Oh my god, HE RUINS THE WORLD?”


“Is this because I crushed the Bad Boys 2 steelbook?”


“I’m really sorry.”

Danny looked at him slyly. “How sorry?”
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