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Book Post: A Spell for Chameleon or 'Fuck you, Piers Anthony'

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A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony, first in the Xanth series, was to be my quickie 49th book on my list. It proceeded to keep me delayed for days.

This book is toxic.

From a scene where it's explained how horrible it is for men to be convicted of rape and how women make up accusations, to two scenes where the main character is sexually attracted to fourteen year olds, and the fact that the main character could not think or look at a woman without thinking about their fuckability factor, the creepshow going on in this book was unending.

The worst, however, is near the end, where he's with a woman who for reasons I won't explain currently had the intellect of a very stupid child where he thinks 'no, I won't tell her what sex is, her mind is too young' and then proceeds to have sex with her in the next paragraph. Seriously. This is what's going on.

Looking up Piers Anthony, I found his preoccupation with teenage or younger and the intellectually challenged being molested was a big thing with him. From ages five and up, with the child being the 'instigator'.

I do not recommend this book. It's the first one to get an F on my list.

Why did I read it? When I was a preteen, I was majorly into the Xanth books after reading Dragon On a Pedestal in the school library. I stopped reading as a teenager when he wrote the ridiculously stupid The Color Of Her Panties, so I thought I'd revisit my childhood. Instead I spent most of it sick and disgusted.

On a side note, if Piers Anthony could have turned off the badtouch for at least a few chapters, there was actually an interesting story going on in the book. Unfortunately he ruined it by writing with his dick, not his hands.

EDIT: A blog post that further covers Piers Anthony's themes of rape and molestation he writes as good times for all that I will give a major trigger warning to if you click.

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