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The Borrowers Afield, Myth Conception, Myth Direction

Many bothans died to get this picture. Actually, my reader wouldn't connect to the computer so I could get it and... measures were taken

But when, next morning, they did walk there (Mrs. May in her long, slightly deer-stalker-looking coat and with her rubber-tipped walking stick made of cherry wood), Kate was disappointed. The house looked nothing at all like she had imagined it. A barrack of red brick, it appeared to her, with rows of shining windows staring blankly through her, as though they were blind.

-Kate and Mrs. May, tellers of the Borrowers tales, go to visit the house where the first adventure took place. Also I love Mrs. May's fashion sense. From The Borrowers Afield by Mary Norton

Today I ran headlong through Myth Conceptions and Myth Direction, both by Robert Asprin. Also started the above book.

I felt I deserved it, after getting a b+ on my essay and going through a test where I knew all the answers. I hope this succeeding at school thing keeps up! However, my 'hilarious' typos in my notes/flash cards need to stop. First I called Isis a monster instead of a mother, I wrote that a ritual was 'oversoon' by a priest, and Andromeda became a man. Weirdly, all the section in my notes where I had to write about penii being chopped off were spelled and grammared eerily correct.

Anyway, back to the stories. I'm really liking how Skeeve's world is evolving and sort of confused whether I'm getting slash or parent/son vibes from him and Aahz and I am not comfortable about not being able to make the distinction.

But in any case, they remain light and easy fare, which is good when I need to let my brain wind down. The Asprin books have really been helping me study and do homework, actually. I do the work, take a reading break, resume. Then I pretend I can't see my friends trying to message me on the computer. Social life in general is really cutting into my reading/working time.

There's a lot more references in the Myth series than I remember. From a heist involving the alien cities 'Ta-Hoe' and 'Veygus', to the bad-food-serving 'Yellow Crescent Inn'. Admittedly, the last time I read the books I was around twelve and was way too busy being fascinatend by Tananda.

On the topic of Borrowers Afield, it's starting out a little rough like the last one with everyone arguing a lot, but already I'm starting to warm up to them again. I'm glad Arrietty shares my belief that a lot of bugs are right jerks. And it's wonderful seeing my favourite, Homily, grow into her bravery and get acknowledged for it.

OH. FUN FACT. It turns out I haven't read The Borrowers before! I'd read a different series called The Littles. This explains two things:

1. Why the Borrowers have no tails.
2. Why they don't give a fuck about helping humans.

I'm glad that mystery is solved. Like most things, it came to me while I was trying to wake up in bed, where a voice deep inside me went 'You idiot, it was The Littles' at which point I shot up and went to the computer to tell someone in a comment.

In personal news, I'm staying a my dad's to take care of Tiny Stepbrother, and I'm pretty sure the house is infested with murder ghosts.

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