March 4th, 2016


It's three am which is actually about eleven am for me.

Hi! There's a fic rec post coming after this one because I got some awesome fics for the Chocolate Box exchange (and I'm pretty proud of what I wrote) but this is just a general post!

Part One

It's been roughly six months since I moved from the country into town and it's been pretty okay! As the weeks have passed, lots of boxes of generalized 'John's stuff' has moved into my room and been left in a pile. I got started on unpacking and sorting that last week when I was feeling kind of down (turned out to be that time of the month) and boy! I have a lot of stuff! And not a lot of room. I'm getting kind of brutal about what has to go.

What's really disappointing me is I had this great re-ment china cabinet and during the move one of the handles snapped off the cupboard. On one hand, that means I can easily dispose of it on the other hand I really liked that thing. It made for good doll set ups as a background item.

Part Two

I (with the extremely helpful Morbane) have sent out assignments for [community profile] once_upon_fic so now hopefully my participants are eagerly writing their fairytales.

I haven't gotten started on mine but I have pdfs of my source stories and assignment ready to be printed out because-

Part Three

I'm going on a cruise! Yes! With my friends Dogstar (not real name) and Dexxtro_dna (probably not real name, not sure) and hopefully I'm not going to die at sea!

If I do, my will is located in my googledocs. Contact my sister to see if you get anything cool.

We're going to Mexico, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands and I have been assured I will get to see sea turtles and stingrays. Hopefully there won't be a repeat of the time I was nine and saw a stingray at the beach and screamed at my family to get out of the water because for some reason I was convinced they were godless killing machines. Now I'm like, hey! Sea pancakes! Rock on!

Part Four

Speaking of the majestic sea flapflaps, back during the fall I went to Atlanta for dragon*con and went to the Georgia Aquarium which had whale sharks (so that's what a religious experience is) and manta rays that were bigger than I was tall (that would be more impressive if I wasn't a shrinky dink) but it was so cool. So big. So majestic. Probably not godless killing machines.

They may have been stingrays. That's why I call them sea pancakes, because I'm not sure what the difference is and that's why I didn't go into marine biology.

Part Five

I had a to-do list for this entry and the last part was 'write about fandom?' but I'm not sure what to say about fandom except that the new Ghostbusters movie looks cool, I'm deeply in love with the James Roberts Transformers series as well as Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel (but I'm behind on that last one 'cause I'm reading it through Marvel Unlimited)

I actually have a tumblr where I pseudo-liveblog what I'm reading/watching and one for videogames:

The second one gets primo pokemon fanart sometimes.

(Omg there's gonna be a new generation this year! YES)