February 16th, 2016


Several months in, we can see the floor again

Part 1: The Bookening

This summer I moved to a new house. We went from an enormous house and one small house to one slightly larger than small medium house! And we were in a rush because of an unexpectedly quick sale so we had to take all our stuff with us.

Well! It's February now and we're really making progress in putting away stuff. Mostly I've been helping with the library when it's not my own stuff because I am a merciless donator of books as well as a 'we own this in digital already, MOM'*

But we're doing good! Several shelves that used to be stacked 3-deep are now down to just 1 row!

The books go on from here to a book sale mom runs at her church (she doesn't own the church, she just goes there. She hasn't become so bored she's starting cults yet) and then from there to a nearly new store.

The books also like falling on my head a lot. There's a lot of 'AH! WHY!' as they all make a go for me at once.

One day we will able to guilt free buy new books.

Part 2: The Schoolening

All of you with magic powers do what you can to make sure what I sign up for this spring term doesn't get cancelled *again*.


Guess what! I run a fanfic exchange!

Link: [community profile] once_upon_fic

Description: Once Upon a Fic Exchange is a fairy-tale-centric story exchange focused on fairy-tales, tall tales, and myths. One of the features of this exchange is that every tale nominated has to be legally and publicly available online.


Sign Ups: February 12th, Friday to February 21st, Sunday 11:59 pm <-- NOW OPEN
Assignments: February 28th, Sunday
Deadline: May 15th, 11:59 pm, Sunday
Archive Goes Live: May 20th, Friday
Anon Period Ends: May 25th, Wednesday

*This has no effect. She gasps and clutches the mystery book to her chest like I told her to kill my little brother.