December 31st, 2015

bag onna head by wendleberry

2016 time! Oh gosh

I'm crossin' my fingers that this year involves a lot less pointlessly dead people and a lot more advances for Canada under our new rulership. And that I don't screw up writing any checks with the wrong date.

Ringing in the new year doing what I do most Canadianly: Eating poutine and drinking beer.

Okay, I'm not great at drinking beer and I don't want to be. But the poutine part is A+.


Plans for 2016:

Survive cruise with pals
Make more pals
Go to fall term of university
Go to Fringe Festival
Stay in the country for the whole year except for the cruise!
Fully unpack from the move!


Get better w/money and make a nice big nest egg.
Do well in fall courses.
Update my websites to a point it's worth it to link them to people.
New one: Learn to stand up for myself. I worry my friends.


Okay, that's everything! Next you hear from me will me telling you what I wrote for Yuletide! HINT: IT INVOLVES POIROT.