July 18th, 2015



I was up until six am writing because even though I was like 'three am... okay, I can still be up by eleven to wait for my table delivery (two thirty pm, still not here) and that's okay!' I ended up vaulting right out of bed and writing 4,800 words until six am instead. They're good words at least! It's for my St. Genevieve project. My first prison break story!

On tumblr there was a thing called Self-Insert Weekend where you drew yourself with your favourite characters and I was not feeling very draw-y that day but I was feeling lego-y so I ordered the parts to make a lego selfie of myself.

Please enjoy:

Here is Lego Jean hanging out with his coffee cup and red and white striped shirt. Also present are: Ryan and Riley Grimm from St. Genevieve, Wonder Woman from DC, and in the background two random citizens (reader and police officer), Thea Anastasis of St. Genevieve with her customary sword, and on the roof we have Molly Blackwell from St. Genevieve, and Storm from Marvel and my heart. Also present is a robot on a balcony.

This was a lot of fun to do!

I'm more settled into the new home, to the point where I'm like yes, time for a kitchen table!

Unfortunately I have a giant box of Barbies I'm not sure where to put but also don't want to get rid of. We'll see what happens there. They're in their boxes so at least if I go 'well, time to give up' I can sell them. It used to live under the card table I was using in the kitchen, but like a fool I chose the table with a podium in the middle instead of four legs. I forgot! I forgot.

On the other hand, I'll probably look more like a competent adult without a bunch of toys under my kitchen table, right?