July 3rd, 2015



It's been a bit over a month since moving to the new house and while there are still several stresses about missing objects, things are mostly settled!

One of the first problems was temperature related - I become very ill in the heat, and my sister becomes very cold much easier than anyone else. Since we are sharing a home, this is a problem!

So today, after I became very ill yesterday, we got me my very own air conditioner. It's very loud so I don't think I'll be hearing cars outside anymore and it is so nice and cool in my room and I am very happy.

In September, I'm going to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, which is exciting. Everything is exciting. I feel so excited lately.

I've been writing stuff in my St. Genevieve universe lately, the superhero one, and I'm getting pretty pleased with the results of my efforts. My friends are being good sports and helping as editors and sounding boards. It's hard deciding what shape a project is going to take, when you realize that it can't be done as a novel. Right now it's short stories and a fictional wiki. I completed one story I'm not sharing right now (it's on the site though) because I don't think it'll make as much sense as the Swiss Army Henchwoman did without the context of more of stories.

Right now I'm improving my art skills so that I can add an art element to it one day as well. It'll be nice to do short comics! City of Heroes and the Sims has been a godsend for creating visual elements for the wiki, though. Sims 4 especially for the new variety in creating bodies.

If I had the money, and maybe if I start saving one day I WILL have the money, I'd like to fund a project to create a really robust character creator because that would be an ultimate writing tool for me - I usually create characters face first.