April 14th, 2015

star trek riker/picard

Bonjour! Comment ca va? Je parlais un petit pue de francais? Mais non?

See that above? That's why I'm taking Introductory French 1&2 for university this spring term! So that I can say a sentence, write a sentence, and have it be totally correct. I live in a bilingual country, I should be as bilingual as possible! It's a ways to go yet.

I've got my textbooks and when I'm done my packing today (still moving!) I'm going to do some studying and exercises like I like to do before a class starts, to get a headstart.

Oh man, I'm gonna have to learn how the French keyboard works on my netbook. I already keep turning it on by accident. In case anyone I've ever chatted with wonders why suddenly they're getting accented letters instead of quote marks at the end of pastes I send them.

I can't seem to do it on this computer - I don't know if that's because I set it to a US operating system when I installed in the first place (unconfirmed speculation), or if it's because this keyboard is a thousand years old. It's a good keyboard though, totally ergonomic! My favourite kind.

I'm writing more of my superhero universe and trying to figure out the best introduction story for it (you can see the story The Swiss Army Henchwoman here, which is the only one I've posted so far unless you count the interview snippet about Robot Jesus which I don't, not yet) and the current idea is presenting it as a history presentation from the eight year old character Jacqui Tejeda (daughter of a heroine who Lives Among Them) on five important events in US history, according to her:

1. The Molemen enslaving Lincoln, Nebraska
2. One of the many alien invasions
2. The hero conscription act
4. The AI LetThereBeLight.exe internet data dump
5. Roanoke colony

And then she gets home and is all discouraged that none of the other kids chose stuff like her, just things like JKF, WW2 ,and WW3.

Jacqui: "Wait, why wasn't there a WW1?"
Geothunder: "Time travel."
Jacqui: "What?"
Geothunder: "*shrug*"


I'm also reading about unidentified bodies in the US system (over 40k, my god) and trying to resist it as a story hook for a character of mine with psychometry who works as a forensic anthropologist.

It's pretty grim stuff, but also really interesting? I hope I never end up as one of them. That seems hard on people.