March 31st, 2015


I can't think ahead right now

Life update: We're moving. It'll be my first move as an adult, second as someone in double digits.

This house is huge. My new home is separated into a house area and two apartments and I'll be in one of the apartments. I've already gotten rid of 90% of my clothes due to closet restrictions. I'll only be able to bring a few boxes of books.

I was trying to get rid of unwanted action figures by selling them, but Canada Post's shipping is so weird I was actually losing money. The only one I made a profit on? The arm broke off as I lifted it to pack. It was Jim Lee designed, so I blame him.

I want to just throw everything I don't want in the garbage. All the comicbooks, all the toys, all the knickknacks. Right into the trash. Since there's no Sims option to delete them to get money back. Somehow the fact I spent money on that stuff is why I'm not supposed to just trash them/give them away to a thrift store. Oh well. I hope the thrift store enjoys a lot of obscure action figures.

It's pretty obvious this whole move is stressing me. The last one, when I was a teenager, I was so freaked out they shipped me out of the province until it was over. I can't even think of the future right now because it's too different.

I've been obsessing over Transformers, which helps. There's a lot of canons and material to go through and the fandom is pretty lively. I've met some nice people already in it. I notice that whenever something is stressing me I suddenly find a new fandom or hobby. Weird.

Uh, my fic exchange (Once Upon a Fic) is going well. Quiet on the homefront. I was assigned someone with wonderful prompts whose story came easily.

A problem right now with the anxiety levels is that I can't seem to think far enough ahead in the future to plot a long story. I like writing long stories. But right now it's like grasping at butterflies. Hard, and when I catch one, it's crushed beyond use.

I had two I was really enjoying when I started - a big bang Great Mouse Detective/Rescuers fic with a Mouse Marple that I could only manage a start and a Star Trek fic about the movie where unicorn dog miraculously lives and what happens next.

I love unicorn dog.

Someone said something nice about my worldbuilding the other day and I said: 'Worldbuilding is fun. I just start lying and then I make it into something'