March 8th, 2015

iron giant: cupshake

I have been consumin media like a fellow human being

I'm working my way through the best animated film nominations and winner and one that should have been nominated but wasn't. They have all been great fun.

Boxtrolls: seen! Enjoyed, confused about whether a subplot in it was part of evil plan or villain's hobby.
Big Hero 6: seen! Ahhhhh so good so many tears.
Book of Life: seen! Wicked nice art, fun and easy to watch.
Princess Kaguya: not seen! On table in front of me. Soon, my precious.
Song of the Sea: not seen! Have to wait for release like a chump! It never came to town.
How to Train Your Dragon 2: saw it in theatres like someone who can remember to go see things. Beautiful music.

I haven't read any prose in weeks and my inability to write is an unexpected discovery of my mental ecosystem.

I have, however, seen Jem and She-Ra for the first time and watched a ton of murder mysteries.

I discovered that despite purchasing them, I had not read my volumes of Pokemon Adventures in nearly two years so the last two nights have been guilt binge reading. I was not expecting so much death.

I'm reading a nonfiction book about the Brothers Grimm and the women that collected the fairytales for them. Not conducive to my own writing but the bit where the book randomly goes "and some scholars think they were incestuous!" was fun enough.