February 5th, 2015

bag onna head by wendleberry

Comics can be great

I've been revisiting my childhood lately, not with the time machine like last time because that went seriously awry, but reading the comics I read when I was like, ten or so.

See, back in '98, Marvel did a thing called Marvel Next which was a continuity set in the far off future of now, I think, and it had a whole bunch of second or third generation heroes. Spider-Girl was their big hit and outlasted everyone else, going to 100 issues!

But I remember picking up the first issues which gives me a good milestone for seeing how long I've been reading these things.

What I've really been enjoying while reading these is A-Next (ANext? Anext? A Next?) which is the new Avengers team - who consists of J2 (Juggernaut's half-Japanese son), Thunderstrike (Thunderstrike's son, art student, dishwasher), Cassie Lang (Stinger, Scott Lang's daughter, I think she's in Young Avengers now? She's the adult of the team in this), and Mainframe who is PROBABLY a filthy robot.

There's four new ones at the point I'm in during my reread, but I only really have a grasp on American Dream, who is Shannon Carter. She also works as an Avengers Mansion tour guide.

Spider-Girl is neat! It's done in this sort of first person past tense narration which is something I totally would have narrated my life in as a teenager too. She starts out with a wicked nice nose, but that goes away after a while.

Peter's got no leg in her comic! He lost it fighting the Goblin.

Also, and this is kind of a spoiler for the comic, the Osborn hair of red/black wiggly rows does not look good as a white man's dreadlocks. It's just a long list of the Osborn hair's crimes.

[community profile] once_upon_fic is still doing nominations, so you should go on over there if you're interested in writing some fairy tales.

I went to Winnipeg yesterday and willingly gave the government my retinas and fingerprints to make going through airport security easier which was apparently the deal they had to make me to let me be monitored.

We had a whole bunch of Winnipeg plans but the moment we got into the car we went 'it's so cold. Let's go home' and thus ended our mighty journey.

We are weak, weak people.