December 10th, 2014

what has been seen cannot be unseen

I'm really very into dragons right now

Currently my life consists of:

- studying for my final exam (I studied anthropology of food this term and my GOSH that was a fun course. I successfully avoided the teacher feeding us bugs like she kept threatening to!)

- yuletide (assignment in beta, three treats written! So far!)

- Flight Rising which I keep playing like a rat hits the green button for treats. It's terrible. I can't stop. I just keep ending up there fighting like, mutated hummingbirds. And avoiding eating baby owls.

- Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire (thanks to fandom there was no way I was taking Omega Ruby) has just entered into hour 34 and I'm somewhere in Victory Road wondering if I'm going to be lost forever and have to eat my wailmer.

I'm not doing winter term because I live in the country and the idea of driving into town regularly for classes in Manitoba's January weather fills me with an unnameable dread, so I'm going to sit at home and try to teach myself the science I never learned in high school and read a lot.

I have a few self-education things picked out as well as the current textbook for the biology courses taught at my university, so that should keep me busy! Right? Right.