September 22nd, 2014


Lego, writing, school, mohawk

It's September! For September I have shaved my hair into a mohawk, spent all my money on lego, started school for the term (anthropology of food! Also did you know I'm on my way to be an anthropologist? I'm aiming for archaeology), and I'm writing a thousand things at once and only finishing the fic exchange stuff.

My hair looks pretty nice as a mohawk and annoys my step-mother, so there's that. I like her well enough, but there's a secret thrill at annoying at least one authority figure.

Fuckin' love lego. I've been building a lego version of a superhero city I'm creating, St. Genevieve, and because I create as I make, I've been getting ideas for the story from the lego. Like themed gangs when I get at least three of one type of figure in the blind bags.

Leading to things like this:

The gang the 'Urban Savages' mugging a nerd for his latte.

It's really soothing building lego. I used to think I couldn't do things like that, or play videogames successfully, or build things like furniture but it turns out it was just people telling me I wasn't able to because I was a 'girl' and it's actually really easy. Welp.

You can find more of my projects over here at HamsterProjects.

On writing, beyond the St. Genevieve stuff, me and my friend launched a website for our fairy-tale retellings and our Puss in Boots mystery series called 2BootedTales. There's links to the stories on ao3 if you prefer that layout!

In early 2015, I will be hosting my first fic exchange, Once Upon a Fic Exchange based completely around fairy-tales. Wish me luck. I keep having these moments of amazing productivity to the point where I uh, have nothing to do until December. I am all excited about Yuletide though. I'm paying extra close attention this year to get an idea of how to manage an exchange.

Anthropology of Food is super interesting. So far we've covered how our diets evolved and the way food is used in various types of medicine and I've learned how to pirate journal articles because for reasons We Shall Not Get Into I have no student card to get at the reserved reading in the library to photocopy for myself. I'm getting so good at it I can have the reading ready before it's time to write another page of notes while the teacher talks.

Oh and I'm 29 now. As of the 5th.

People gave me lego. 20 years ago, they gave me ponies.