July 19th, 2014

owl wink

I was on a trip and now I'm not hey

I'm back from my week away in glorious Minneapolis, the most exotic place you can go to in America. I saw Night Vale live and saw a ton of people in cosplay (there was a big baseball game going on the same night and downtown was filled with men and women dressed up as their favourite baseball players/teams. Also some people at the Night Vale Show) and I had the worst margarita I ever had.

I also rekindled a love of lego! I went to the lego store and I was getting things for my minifigure display thing and I suddenly thought - why don't I actually build something with all this stuff?

So I got a bunch of misc pieces and a playmat and immediately started building a park in the hotel room. I decided it'd be a park in Paragon City from City of Heroes because I'd already been planning to make Riley Grimm and Ryan Grimm (my twins from the game) figures for a neat display thing I found, so the park has a lot of little city of heroes-esque things, like criminals with axes threatening citizens off in the corners and at least one ghost I keep telling people I don't see when they ask about it in the pictures.

I had to go back twice - once for more parts to build a tree and once for more minifigure parts to refine the people I had in it already. I have more parts on order from The Ebay and from the lego store itself.

I've also discovered I have quite a lot of disinterest in official sets because the instructions are so fiddly and it's more fun to figure out what to build myself.

This did not stop me from buying a set that had a recycling box on fire.