June 18th, 2014

videogames: ace attorney

Y'all are so lucky

Gentle readers, you have no idea how lucky you are that tumblr gave me the means to share all my videogame caps and chatter so I could finally stop warring with my inner self.

The constant battle of 'do I spam?' and 'Oh my GOSH my Shepard is just the cutest cute ever everyone look' that I waged with myself.

I've been having a sort of videogame renaissance. Throughout most of my adult life, I only played two things: Pokemon and City of Heroes*. Then City of Heroes went away, because there is no God. And all this time I'd been accumulating a backlog of games with the intent of playing them 'someday' even though I actually got the heebies when I played without being in a group.

I eventually made a compromise. I found the hacks and mods that'd let my characters be essentially immortal and started playing these really story-heavy games my friends were into (Dragon Age and Mass Effect) and oh my god they are so much fun. And I'm trying out Final Fantasy games and I'm hoping to start Bioshock soon, but like the FF games it was lower on my list because I didn't have a queer or an any gender I want character creation option.

I mean, I play as a dude in DA and ME, but I like the option of not being one, right? And I want them to have boyfriends. Or if I was a girl, to have girlfriends. This is a major selling point for me in videogames. Even if I don't use the option, if I have the option I am 100% more likely to purchase your game. The fact I could customize my race, clothes, and sex in the latest pokemon game was so very wonderful.

(Characters of choice >>>>> relationships on the picking out scale, but if there's a relationship option I do want there to be a queer or more option)

*and Sims. But that was more of a glorified dollmaker for me.