December 4th, 2013

iron giant: cupshake

Yearly letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa, o Santa, o giver of gifts:

Well, I've been pretty good this year, as usual! Okay, maybe I skipped studying to play videogames (but I did have the kindness to make a separate tumblr for my videogame stuff not to spam my friends. GOOD DEED GOOD DEED) a few times, and maybe I've spent money I shouldn't have on books, but overall I've been good! I've even made it through another year of only yelling at the stupid stuff on the radio in the peace of my own home and not, say, via phoning them.

I also re-united with old friends this year, as well as (with an old friend) began writing a series of stories about Puss in Boots, called Two-Booted Tales, which, frankly, counts as a good deed of not letting ideas go rotten in my brain.

I think I'm owed at least something nice for almost dying in Minneapolis from food poisoning when I went there in July with my friend Ann. Just a little thing. Maybe a medal. 'You survived TGIFriday's despite its best attempt.'

Did I mention I ALSO read a hundred books over the summer, and now I'm doing it over the winter too? Maybe Santa wants to give me a gift card to a bookstore or an itunes card to buy ebooks! I mean, I know Apple is on your naughty list but it'd be a good cause to me.

Last year I requested small wooden or stone animals and you did not deliver, Santa. You did, however, give me a one pound Reese's cup that brought me closer to death than I had ever been. Thank you, Santa.

You will see that I have found my pink Princess stocking and I hope you fill it up with goodies and remember to bring something for my mom as well, as she has been your loyal assistant all these years.

Don't give anything to my sister. She knows what she did.

Jean age 28