June 22nd, 2013

comic reading with bearspot

An old comic, but the joy of print is it stays in one place

Comic talk! I just finished reading the first Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus #1 which both delighted and totally horrified me.

The good: Fancy, cute art with lots of costumes and general sweetness. Every character seems to be pretty darn gay. Sakura fighting with Li (her future love interest) over the affection of the same boy (who may actually be with Sakura's older brother). Sakura's bff Tomoyo's crush on her.

The bad: I can live another thousand lives without seeing a teacher/student thing ever again. Fortunately one is in the past (her parents), and one is very much in the background (and actually the reason I've been reluctant to read this at all) and not involving Sakura in any way.

Plot of Cardcaptor is these sentient tarot-ish cards (Clow cards) have escaped their confinement and are causing magical havoc, and it's up to Sakura with the help of her best friend Tomoyo (who makes costumes for Sakura and films her exploits, is her biggest fan) and the magical guardian of the cards Kero-chan (Cerberus) to catch them all. She gets to use them as attacks once they're hers. So around that framework, the plot happens.

It's not Castle Waiting level, but it's good eyecandy and a fun read. Just warning for the squick. No nudity, gore, or major violence so far and I think it stays that way? Either way, I ordered the next ones.

ALSO. The omnibus has a bunch of colour prints throughout it! Super pretty.
comic reading with bearspot

Book post: American Born Chinese

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang was picked up on a whim and it's excellent. It has three main characters: Jin Wang, a Chinese boy who wants to be All-American (which means white, at least in his eyes and his classmates eyes), the goddamn Monkey King who has his own problems, and Danny, who is 'All-American' and suffers from visits from his cousin Chin-Kee that end so badly he has to constantly keep transferring schools.

They're three separate stories that came together in a way I really was not expecting.

There's parts of this where kids are cruel enough that it hurts to read, especially on the tail of something that I'd just read in Johnny and the Bomb by Terry Pratchett (gonna be done that today) and it's a good example of how kids can be horrible for no good reason. And it's placed so expertly you can see why Jin makes the decisions he does.

Plus any scenes with the Monkey King are great. Gene Yang draws him with the best face.

Art was excellent, and the story was great. I recommend this without reservation.