April 27th, 2013

videogames: ace attorney

Hello, everybody

Where is John?

Well, besides having ten minute crises on twitter (I just want you to know how grateful I am to live in an age where I can contact a doctor and also get reassurances from my friends without having to leave my seat), I've been trying to do something I don't usually do:

Finish videogames.

I'm visiting Ann McLarimer of the fightin' McLarimers in June, and I thought I'd choose my video games for the flight! And then I thought, but I'm halfway through most of these, I should finish one on my school break and then play its sequels on the trip!

So right now I am working on:


I was on the Steel Samurai case when I stopped it, apparently. Like, the very start. So I jumped in and went from there, and right now I'm on the surprise last case (it shows up after the credits, which I am so glad I didn't turn off the game during).

So overall my impression is:

1. Maya, Phoenix, and Edgeworth are excellent. Mia is a nice ghost.

2. Detective Gumshoe is my videogame boyfriend (see above).

3. Oldbag is magnificent. Lotta Hart and Will Powers are adorable.

4. The dialogue is wonderful, and I love solving mysteries. And while I like the no combat system... I wish there was some way to use one of the evidence knives on Officer Meekins.

I miss City of Heroes