February 27th, 2013

anne of green gables

It was a triumph

Making a note here, huge success.

Tolkien liked doing lineages. Tolkien also didn't like naming women, though he'd mention them sometimes. And my main focus when I rp is Rohan! So for fun I gathered up all the pbs me and my main rp partner use and made a family tree.

Disclaimer: Some characters are OCs, of varying degrees of made up. A lot of the time there was a woman that was unnamed but mentioned, (Thengel's aunt, sisters, and three of his four daughters. pretty much most of the wives), to completely made up because I had some spare pbs I wanted to use, like the powerpuff set that's Elfwine's little sisters, or the children of Thengel's sisters.

I guess what I'm saying is, please no one use this as a reference. Once I made a tree out of a badly done 'guide to lotr' book that had the wrong number for Theoden's sisters and someone used it and claimed they'd done research and it was awkward.

But I put a lot of work into this RP tree and thought people would like to see!

RE: Faramir, me and Hina use South Asians/Middle Easterners for Gondorians.

Click to get to file. It's pretty huge.