January 2nd, 2013

is a wee baby pony

Yuletide reveals!


I got to write in my childhood favourite thing ever, My Little Pony! Original cartoon. I also went a little nuts with graphics for it.

The Bad Dad for Baniszew!

She told me her favourite pony was Wind Whistler and I went from there. It's an adventure with a dragon, a wizard, and terrible parenting skills. Also Megan has to break out of pony jail.

What I received was an epilogue to the book Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones, written by Tptigger and it was simply called Enchanted Glass Epilogue and if you've read the book, I really recommend it. See, the book ends with a big piece of info in the last two pages and then suddenly ends, and this epilogue is exactly what I needed for closure.

All in all, a good Yuletide.

See everyone next year!