June 5th, 2012


this is also known as the 'Blond doesn't even look like a haircolour to me anymore' list

I've been doing a ton of RP stuff to avoid doing what I should be doing, so I thought I'd share part of what I've been doing, which is filling out Theoden's family tree. It's a combination of me naming the unnamed (his sisters, his grandmother and aunts), some ocs (the children/husbands of the aunts. If you're curious, Idis was a first draft child for Theoden who was removed to give Eowyn more of a spotlight), and basically what I'll be using for my rp with my friends. Anyway, please enjoy. Also, you may note some 'funny' names, which can be explained by me going 'this is a real anglo-saxon name? AHAHHA yoink':

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