May 25th, 2012

comic reading with bearspot


Unrelated to the image above (but it's relevant to later), I've finally finished reading The Borrowers Avenged by Mary Norton, making me done with the series. It left shipping questions unanswered, as to eventual survival rates, but I liked it.

Of course, with the title 'Avenged', I was kind of expecting the Clock family to get their hands on a gun, a pulley, and some vengeance but apparently they chose not to take the lives of 'human beans'.

I liked reading the series, but it was kind of stressful at time! There was a lot of bickering and unhappiness in the books.

I can't remember the other books I've read since my last update, besides Little Myth Marker by Robert Asprin which also featured bickering but was overcome with the power of friendship. Not even kidding. I'm still enjoying his books, but am running out of Phule's Company to read. Still a lot of Myth, though.

I'm on a comics kick right now, mostly What If?s and Excalibur from the start. I've learned a few things:

One, apparently if Captain America and Sharon Carter had kids, they would be pretty ugly, and two, the difference between He-Thor and She-Thor is pants wearing (see above).

Sidenote about old comics: Skin colouring was pretty weird in the old stuff. Like purple/bright pink was white, green (sometimes just brown) was black, bright yellow was Asian, etc. But I'm not wholly sure what 'grey' was. Ann thinks that's Middle Eastern, but I think it might be Hispanic.