March 9th, 2012

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I have mucho insomnia, so a book post!

I read three books in a huge row, unfortunately none of them were Little Women. I just kind of got this incredible craving for something cheap and easy (that would be Phule's Company and Another Fine Myth, both by Robert Asprin) and then could no longer ignore my deep urge to reread Mary Norton's The Borrowers. All three of these books have sequels and I'm already on Myth Conceptions.

I can't say I'd recommend the first two, but that doesn't mean I didn't thoroughly enjoy them. They were exactly what I was craving and both gave me different things.

Phule's Company had a lot of girl characters I liked, and was about people succeeding. There wasn't actually much conflict, but it made me very cheerful to read.

Synopsis is, Willard Phule (Space Legion name: Scaramouche, and then after his screw-up he becomes Jester) is assigned to an 'Omega company', all the dregs of the Space Legion, as his punishment for a major screw up. He proceeds to tell them they're awesome and stuff goes from there. Also there's a butler named Beeker who is the narrator.

Another Fine Myth had Skeeve and Aahz, who I rather liked. Especially Aahz. It turns into a success story too, if I remember how the sequels go properly. The ending was kind of anticlimactic (oh my god, spellcheck just revealed to me I'd been living a lie all this time about how you spelled that word), but I enjoyed the way there.

The book is about Skeeve, who is apprenticed himself as a magician to use those skills to become a master thief. But then his master summons a demon the same night he (the master) is assassinated. The demon then takes Skeeve on as his apprentice.

The Borrowers. Who here has seen Secret World of Arrietty? Because you totally should. It's a Ghibli movie and it is so beautiful. This is the book it's based off of. While it has some dated (this is code for racist) language at one point, it was overall pretty fun once Arrietty's mom Homily stopped being kind of jerky and started being awesome. By the end Homily was my favouritest.

Synopsis: "Borrowers" are little people who live in houses and 'borrow' (steal) what they want/need to survive. Arrietty and her parents are the last Borrowers in this house, when one day her father gets spotted. What happens next is a good lesson in why maids who drink your booze are jerks.

I may have gotten off track about that moral. But Mrs. Driver the maid was bone-chilling at some points.

So that's what I've read! All in all a satisfying binge. Two were read on my trip to Winnipeg to watch the ballet Giselle, which was amazing. The second act, with the Wilis (ghosts of women who died before their wedding) and them skittering around on the stage en pointe like they were floating was the bestest thing ever. I heard my uncle curse under his breath, though, when Count Albrecht survived. I cannot blame my uncle.
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